League Rules

Makule Adult Co-Ed Soccer League Rules

Makule soccer players at Bayfront Field in Hilo, Hawaii

1. Age and date requirement for men is 35 year of age during the season. Women must be 18 years of age during the season. Teams will be made up of at least seven (7) players and no more than eleven (11) on the field. There is no minimum or maximum men or women requirement.

2. A ten-minute grace period will be allowed for teams with less than seven (7) players.  After ten minutes, the match shall be forfeited.  By mutual agreement, the two teams may then scrimmage “for fun” with spare Makule players.  No one who is not signed up for Makule will be allowed to play in a regular or forfeited Makule game.  However, anyone may play in scrimmage games when no Makule games are scheduled.

3.Matches shall consist of two 40-minute halves with a 10-minute half-time break and a 5-minute break for water after the first and third quarters. Substitutions shall be made at 10-minute intervals.  Those players on the sidelines who wish to be substituted at the 10-minute sub-break have the right to play at that time.  No person shall be substituted out twice until all other players on the field have subbed-out at least once (unless requested by that player).

4. Matches will be played according to FIFA rules with the following exceptions:

  • a. Substitutions at 10-minute intervals (Law 3).
  • b. Goals by men 60 years and older, or any woman  will count as two points.  Own goals by these players will count as one point.
  • c. NO SLIDE TACKLING allowed except for non-dangerous slides made by the
    goalie.  The first offense during the game will result in a caution
    (yellow card) and the second offense will result in ejection (red card)
    from the game.  The referee has the right to card the goalie on
    dangerous slides and has the right to eject any player on the first
    offense of a dangerous slide.
  • d.   Non-tackling slides will be considered dangerous play.

5. NO PROTESTING! Official’s decisions are final. Those protesting will be warned once. Players continuing to protest will be cautioned.

6. Any physical aggression or contact (pushing, hitting, threatening harm) on the field between plays will result in an immediate red card, a written warning and a one game suspension. Continued aggression will result in ejection from the league for the balance of the season (or longer depending on the severity of the foul).

7. Referees can give verbal warnings to player(s)/spectator(s) for unsportsmanlike behavior for negative comments made to opposing players or their own teammates. Continued deriding of anyone on the field will result in a red card and immediate ejection.

8. Penalty (Yellow and Red) Cards will be cumulative throughout the season.

  • a. Two Yellow Cards in a game will result in a Red Card.  Any player receiving a Red Card will be sent off (ejected) from the game.
  • b. If a player receives a Card in one game, and another card in the next game, then the player must sit out the following game.
  • c. Four Yellow Cards or one Red Card and two Yellow Cards in a season will result in a one game suspension for the following game. If the game happens on the last game of the season, the player will sit out the next scheduled game in the following season.
  • d. Any additional cards, or the accumulation of two Red Cards in a season will result in suspension for the remainder of season.
  • e. The application of any player previously suspended from the Makule league will be subject to review by the Review Committee.
  • f. The Review Committee reserves the right to require a player to sit out for an entire season following suspension.
  • g. The accumulation of two season suspensions will result in a permanent ban from the league.
  • h. The Review Committee shall consist of the Board of Directors.
  • 9. If a player(s) has missed 50% of the games half-way through the season,
    the team may elect to replace that player(s) for the remainder of the

10. Persons wishing to sign up for Makule after teams have been capped will be placed on a wait list.  They will remain on the wait list until a permanent position on a team becomes available. Fees are the same as late signup.

11. Referees and players will get copies of rules.

12. Glasses are O.K., with protective strap. Hats need to have a soft bill. No hard billed hats.

13. Although the Makule board has no authority to rule on smoking or drinking at the fields, we remind everyone to use moderation. Players who appear to be drunk on the field may be asked to leave by the center referee.

14. Please pick up your rubbish and keep the fields clean!

This letter written by the head ref to the Makule referees in 1995 still applies today:

Referees should be having as much fun as the players. It’s up to us to keep the game flowing.  Remember, this is a recreational league. People are playing Makule to have a good time and to get some exercise. Meeting new people and making new friendships are a big part of our league.  Safety is of the utmost importance. Healthy competition and fair, safe, hard play is soccer.  If players become over zealous in their efforts, a few words can usually get their attention.  Don’t be afraid to display a yellow warning card to over aggressive players that won’ t listen to a few words of warning. Players who need a red card to control them are few and far between, but the occasion does occur where a send off is appropriate. Let’s keep building our league up and make it as fun and as safe as we possibly can. Do the best job you can and call ’em the way you see ’em. Have fun.

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